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Thursday, November 3

Have you ever had sex with your dog?

The blood center came to my office for donations today. I hadn't given for a while, so I signed up. A co-worker and I always joke about the questions you have to answer before donating blood.

"Have you ever, even once, had sex with an intravenous drug user?"

"Have you ever, even once, taken money for sex?"

"Have you ever, even once, had sex with someone who has, even once, had sex with a drug-using prostitute?"

My friend and I refer to them as the "Have you ever had sex with your dog" questions. Despite having sworn that I had never, not even once, had sex with a homosexual canine who had been intimate with a drug-addicted street-walker, the blood center refused to take my blood. I spent several hours visiting the Mayan ruins in Belize in January, one of the stops on my fabulous cruise vacation. Belize has known cases of malaria. No one who has visited there can give blood for a year.

A fantastic Carnival cruise vs. the warm and fuzzy feeling of having donated blood in order to save another human life.

Rejection can be difficult, but the vacation was SO worth it!!

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Blogger bornfool said...

Well, your title sure grabbed my attention. I may have to use that as the opening line of my next chapter. lol
Thanks for e-mailing me back. I'll reply as soon as I get a chance.

12:22 AM

Blogger Kira said...

A loooong time ago (pre-children, obviously), I was turned down to give blood because I weighed too little. There are worse things in life!

4:28 AM

Blogger Mybrid said...

Loved your post. I'm one of those on the other end of the line, who are thankful that people like you take the time and pains to donate blood and I'm at awe when I hear of people who do it more than once. So don't worry about one year lost due to a well-deserved vacation.

Thank you!

7:40 AM

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

This is neat. When your year is up, you have all these neat suggestions for how to once again get out of giving blood. I don't know if they are GOOD suggestions....

11:05 AM

Blogger Big Dave T said...

Hmmmm, the money for sex question would have me thinking. Do buying roses for your wife count?

Hea, on your time travel question, I've written a couple short stories on time travel. It's a favorite subject. So I'm very familiar with time travel from a literary standpoint. It's the science I don't quite get yet.

12:32 PM

Blogger Two Drink Girl said...

I'm glad they have let up on the "sex with your dog" questions at the airport!

3:12 PM

Blogger Monique said...

Oh yes, cruising over giving blood any day! We have one lined up for March. I can't wait!

In our case not going anywhere that would prevent me from giving blood, I don't think.

6:19 PM

Blogger WordWhiz said...

BF: Yeah, I thought the title would kind of GRAB people. HA!

Kira: I've been rejected for low-iron too. My blood doesn't SINK fast enough. Usually when they spin it, it's okay. But I admit that I am no stranger to rejection.

Mybrid: Thanks for this comment. I've donated five times. I don't keep track, but they happened to mention it when I went in yesterday. I do it because it seems like a small thing to do to help someone, but I don't often think much about the people who might benefit. I'll think twice before saying, "I'm too busy" next time they come around. Thanks for reminding me WHY I donate!! Bless you.

Snake: After Mybrid's lovely comments, I don't think I'll be looking for any excuses next time. I suspect I'll be first in line.

Big Dave: No, buying roses doesn't count. I think the actual question implied trading sex for drugs, but I don't recall the exact wording. I altered it slightly in a lame attempt to be funny.

CC: They make me take off my shoes, but I've never been asked about my sex life at the airport. I must be traveling to the wrong places.

Monique: I'm doing the Eastern Caribbean (7 days) with my friend Karen in February. Same ship we took last year, other itinerary. I'm doing a 5 day trip in the Western Caribben (paid for with credit card points...I'm not that rich!!) in February with the kids. We're going to all the places ravaged by the hurricanes!!

9:17 PM


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