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Friday, December 19

It's all good

The Camo Committee

Welcome Home!

My son made it home on leave from the army last weekend. His brother, sister and I went to the airport wearing camo - pilfered from his closet of basic training clothes - and carrying a Welcome Home poster with a camo background. Yeah, we're dorks. But it was fun! We haven't seen our soldier in TWO YEARS, so we were a little goofy excited!

We're being DUMPED on here in New England. Unlike my supervisors, who opted to work from home today, I drove the hour and ten minutes to the office to find the parking lot only half full - maybe less than half. I worked until around 1:00, when an email came from my boss telling me to GO HOME! The snow had just begun to fall, but I drove into a blizzard on the way home. It got tough near the end. I'll have a lot of shoveling to do tomorrow. It's expected to reach a foot or more by morning. It's still falling fast and furious.

Less than a month until my 2009 cruise!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Enjoy the holidays! Thanks for the greetings, Hoss!


Blogger kenju said...

Whizzer I am SO HAPPY to see that your boy made it home. What a wonderful gift for all of you!
Merry Christmas!

10:30 AM

Blogger Paul Nichols said...

This is indeed good news!!! Heartwarming, too.

Merry Christmas! God bless.

Keep safe and keep warm.

10:26 PM

Blogger Kira said...

I'm so glad he was able to come down for his leave and all that earlier mess was straightened out! What an awesome Christmas that must have been :)

4:06 PM


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