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Sunday, March 8

Good bye, Hoss

We all saw it coming, but it didn't make it any easier to handle when the news came.

I will always cherish that trip to Vegas, where I got to spend time with Gene in person, rather than just on-line. For those of you who never had the honor, Hoss was just as funny and charming in real life as he was on his blog.

I wish I had something profound to say, something suitable to honor such a wonderful human being. I'm just too sad to think of a single thing to say except that I'll miss him.

Vicki said it better. Read here:



Blogger Paul Nichols said...

I know how close you were to Hoss and how much he seemed to love you. I also posted something. Best I could do.


6:43 PM

Blogger kenju said...

I am happy that you guys are posting, since I can't seem to find the words. I will really miss him.

12:19 AM

Blogger WordWhiz said...

I'm outta here. Those of you who know me - Kenju, Paul, Big Dave - know how to email me.

I'm done blogging. Carry on and be happy!

8:05 PM

Blogger Kira said...

I just now heard of what happened to Hoss! You're right--we all knew it was coming, but it's still a shock and a loss to those of us left behind. I have such great, great memories of that trip out to Las Vegas. He was always so good to me! I will miss him.

11:20 PM


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