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Tuesday, February 17

Hi there! Remember me?

Still love the job where I have been for a bit over a year now. Been stressful lately as the economy has shown it's ugly head, trimming the workforce at my place by 1/3. I survived the cuts, but now live with the guilt and apprehension of other economic down-turn survivors. It seems everyone is either unemployed or worrying they will be soon.

OK, yeah...I voted for the guy. But what happened to all that promised aid to the put-upon middle class? I see NOTHING in this so-called stimulus package that will help me. $13/week won't fill my gas tank even once! And with my long commute, I fill up three times a week!

And yeah, they need to do something about the housing market. I tried to sell my house for nine months, finally giving up after chasing down the market $20,000. There are so many cheap, bank-owned properties available, no first-time home-buyer is looking at reasonably priced, owner-occupied starter homes. And yet, because I pay my bills, there is no aid for me. If I borrowed beyond my means, the government would cut down my mortgage debt. But alas, there is only help for the irresponsible. Irresponsible corporations, irresponsible lending institutions, irresponsible borrowers...HELP abounds for those who have proven that they will only abuse it.

Enough bad news...
  • My son's visit in December/January was great. It had been SO LONG! I hope it won't be another two years before he gets another leave!
  • Paul and I took our annual cruise a few weeks ago. We sailed on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas this time - currently the largest ship out there. Had a great time. Paul enjoyed the "FlowRider" surfing pool.
  • I promised my daughter I'd go out to Karaoke this weekend. THAT should be a hoot!

That's it. No more news. Isn't that pathetic? As much as I like my job, the 1.25-hour commute each way leaves me so little time for anything else. But hey...I'm employed...and I make enough to cruise every year. That ain't too bad, is it?


Blogger kenju said...

Things could be a lot worse for both of us, Whizzer. It's nice to hear from you.

12:40 AM

Blogger Big Dave T said...

I think there are winners and losers in this economic stimulus package. Our son bought a new home in December and qualified for a $7,500 interest-free loan as a first-time home buyer. He has to pay it pack over 15 years to the feds.

That's good but if he had waited a month to close, with the economic stimulus package they just passed, he could have received $8,000 free and clear tax credit. Nothing to pay back. That hurt.

But I figure like you, lucky to have a job, a significant other to share good times with, and money to travel. Many aren't so lucky.

12:29 PM


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