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Saturday, March 14

I'm outta here

Those of you who know me - Judy, Paul, Big Dave, Tish - have my email address. I've been out of blogging for some time now, posting only occasionally. I stayed mostly to keep checking up on Gene. Now...I'm officially done.

Love ya...mean it!



Blogger kenju said...

Aw, say it ain't so, Whizzer.

I wish you well and let me know if you ever decide to come back.

1:04 AM

Blogger Paul Nichols said...

Best wishes to the FIRST person I ever blogrolled. I don't think I can stand it...

...aw shucks. Well, e-mail me once in awhile, too.

6:16 PM

Blogger kenju said...

Whizzer, it was so nice to see a comment from you yesterday!! Hope you're doing well.

7:51 AM

Blogger Dr. Psycho said...

I hope you come back some day. I didn't drop by all that often, but I enjoyed my occasional visits.

Dr. Psycho (formerly known as misterniceguy1960)

12:35 PM


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